In October 2016, Bethesda-Chevy Chase high school Senior Camille Devincenti founded The DC Student, an online newspaper that covers everything DC-related. While many local high schools have print newspapers, the DC Student is the first to use an online format that combines the talents of all students across the DMV. Students are given the freedom to report on issues and events that are relevant to them. The DC Student is online-only because it is the fastest and most accessible way to share fresh and relevant information, written by youths, to the wider DC student body. The DC Student is accepting applications for reporters, editors, artists, photographers and film makers from all schools in the DMV to contribute! Email or fill out the Be a Contributor form on our website to get involved!


A Brief History

At first Camille Devincenti was just a writer and editor for her school newspaper, The Tattler. She also wrote for her local Montgomery Country online student newspaper, The MoCo Student. Then, she asked herself, why doesn't DC have it's own online student newspaper? And The DC Student was born. She envisions it as a combination of the best writers from every school, including people that may not have the opportunity to write for their school newspaper, but still want to have their voices heard and be published.