Staff Roles

Reporter - Writes one article per month in the section of their choosing.

Section Editor - Comes up with article ideas for their section, edits articles, and submits them to the Editor-in-Chief for publishing when complete. 

Filmmaker - Produces videos that are relevant to DC Student readers. One video submission per month.

Photographer - Takes pictures for articles or for their own projects to submit to the DC Student. One photo submission per week.

Artist - Submits drawings, computer-generated or hand-sketched graphics that relate to articles on the DC Student or for individual submissions. One art submission per week.

Social Media Manager - Posts a picture of the article or a picture from the article on the DC Student's Twitter and Instagram accounts whenever a new article is posted on

* If you would like to contribute to the DC Student but your desired role does not fit into any of the categories above, note that in the Be a Contributor form or email